Iowa: Bobbie McCarty #40dollars

What does $40 mean to you?
$40 less a paycheck would make a significant difference in my ability to pay my monthly bills - and I'm already falling behind because I lost my supplemental part-time night/weekend job as a medical transcriptionist. I have enjoyed not working an extra job because I have had more time to spend with my grandson. But if I am going to lose $40 more per paycheck, I will have no other choice. $40 would nearly fill my gas tank to help me get to my full-time day job. $40 would buy about 13 pounds of ground beef, which is about all we can afford to eat these days. I have been coming up with ways to stretch our food budget, but with $40 less per paycheck this is going to be difficult as well. Last Christmas was really tough. With $40 less per paycheck we can just about forget about buying any gifts this coming year for our kids and grandkids. Thanks for listening. Bobbie McCarty