Maryland: Nidra Williams #40dollars

What does $40 mean to you?
The picture I attached is of my son William Rose Jr., who is now 3 years old. He is the reason why I can't afford to lose anything from my pay check. He is the reason I work so hard and still struggle. He is the reason I try to make sure he has his medicine, clothing to wear, food to eat since he is unable to eat all the food I may like because of a terrible problem with his acid reflux. In addition to my son, I take care of my 73 year old grandmother that has so much medicine that she takes to survive. I am greatful to have a job, but I am in a one bedroom in not such a great area, but it could be worse. I thank God everyday for what I have and not what I don't or wanting to be like anyone else. My family is what keeps me going and losing $40 extra dollars from my pay check is something that I can not afford at all. If they'd like to visit my home, please feel free, just so they can see the difference. What Congress makes in a day is about probably what I make in 3-4 months. Please help us, I cannot afford to lose anymore money. I work everyday, I do not have a car, I take my grandmother to the doctors 2-4 times out the month and everything I try to do for my family is not free. I think taxing $40 extra dollars is only going to make the economy worse with the robbing and more people out on the street asking for money everyday.