Nebraska: Rick Eledge II #40dollars

What does $40 mean to you?
$40.00 dollars a paycheck goes a long way in our home. We have three children; the oldest is 18 a boy and a senior in high school getting ready for college, the second is 14 a girl that enjoys going to school activities, our youngest is Leo he just turned 9 yesterday and we thank God everday we have him. You see he has cystic fiberosis and most of the time he does real well. That little amount of money helps my family in so many ways. Buying my oldest some gas for the car, paying for snacks for my daughter at school activities, and providing medicine and maybe a toy for my Leo. None of us know how long we have in this world but some of us know it is not long and any comfort I can provide for my family means something. It means everything.