New Hampshire: Samantha Battis #40dollars

What does $40 mean to you?
We are a one income family. My husband leaves for work at 6:00am and gets home at 10:00pm. I stay at home with our 7 year old son who has Autism, Anxiety with Intermittant Explosive Behavior Disorder, ADHD, and a heart defect. We are doing the best we can, but are always falling short on our mortgage. Our vehicles are 10 years old, but we can't afford to buy new. Since we bought our house nearly 6 years ago, the price of gas, & oil has risen drastically. Financially we are stretched so thin, and the stress is horrible. I am responsible for paying our bills, and I have been cardio-converted 2 times in the last 60 days because I'm constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, but never paying Paul back, and I'm always worried about money. We can't afford to lose $40.00 a week. That's my grocery budget for my son's special food needs. That's my gas money for my son's weekly therapy appointments. The $40.00 helps us help our son. Really, we can't take much more. Please, please help it get better. We are hard workers, just trying to get by, but it seems as though we are always pushing against the tide, and it's only getting worse.