Marking Martin Luther King’s Birthday

January 17, 2011 | 1:31 | Public Domain

President Obama speaks about the importance of service and volunteering after marking Martin Luther King’s birthday with a service project at Stuart Hobson Middle School in Washington, DC.

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Remarks by the President on Martin Luther King's Birthday

Stuart Hobson Middle School
Washington, D.C.

11:25 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  This is just an outstanding program, an example of what Martin Luther King’s birthday should be all about.  I want to thank all the mentees and mentors who are participating. 

Dr. King obviously had a dream of justice and equality in our society, but he also had a dream of service, that you could be a drum major for service, that you could lead by giving back to our communities.  And that's what this program is all about and that's what these participants are all about.

Michelle and I the girls are extraordinarily proud that each year on Martin Luther King’s birthday this is how we celebrate, is making sure that we're giving a little something back to the community.  And I hope that all the projects that are taking place all across the country on this day are getting similar attention, because this is part of what America is all about.  And after a painful week where so many of us were focused on tragedy, it’s good for us to remind ourselves what this country is all about.  This kind of service project is what’s best in us and we're thrilled with everybody who is participating.

11:26 A.M. EST

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