President Obama Honors the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants

June 08, 2012 | 13:02 | Public Domain

President Obama welcomes the New York Giants to the White House.

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President Obama Welcomes NY Giants to the White House


President Obama congratulated the NY Giants on their XLVI Super Bowl win in a ceremony on the South Lawn this afternoon. The President praised the team for its triumphant end to a difficult season, and their come from behind win of the championship game. He also made a point to note that the team, the coaches, and the owners have all been unwavering in their support of our men and women in uniform: 

These guys have made it clear that no matter who you root for on Sundays, if you’re a veteran, the New York Giants are on your team. Whether it’s setting up tickets to games, or inviting folks to practices, the Giants never forget the men and women who risk everything to protect our freedom. And I especially want to thank and congratulate Coach Coughlin on receiving the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Award. That's a great honor. 

 You can read the President's full remarks here

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