President Obama Tours Maison Des Esclaves

June 27, 2013 | 12:30 | Public Domain

President Obama speaks to the press after touring Maison Des Esclaves on Gorée Island.

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Remarks by President Obama After Tour of Maison Des Esclaves

Gorée Island

3:33 P.M. GMT

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  I want to thank the President of Senegal, but also the Mayor of Gorée and the museum curator here.  Obviously, it’s a very powerful moment whenever I can travel with my family, but especially for Michelle and Malia and my mother-in-law to be able to come here and to fully appreciate the magnitude of the slave trade, to get a sense in a very intimate way of the incredible inhumanity and hardship that people faced before they made the Middle Passage and that crossing.

And I think more than anything what it reminds us of is that we have to remain vigilant when it comes to the defense of people’s human rights -- because I’m a firm believer that humanity is fundamentally good, but it’s only good when good people stand up for what’s right.  And this is a testament to when we’re not vigilant in defense of what’s right, what can happen.

And so it’s always powerful for me to visit countries outside of the United States generally, but obviously for an African American, and an African American President to be able to visit this site I think gives me even greater motivation in terms of the defense of human rights around the world.

Thanks, you guys.
3:35 P.M. GMT

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