President Obama Holds a Cabinet Meeting

September 30, 2013 | 1:08 | Public Domain

President Obama says that he and members of his cabinet discussed the potential impacts of a government shutdown and how the various federal agencies and departments will be managing to make sure their core essential functions continue.

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Remarks by the President Before Cabinet Meeting

Cabinet Room

5:19 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  This is my Cabinet.  And we're going to be discussing the impacts, potentially, of a shutdown and how all of these various agencies will be managing to make sure the core essential functions continue, but also, obviously, to help try to manage what's going to be a very difficult potential situation for the employees of all of these agencies, who are doing outstanding and very difficult work all across the country. 

So I appreciate all the members of the Cabinet who are here.  They have been doing a lot of planning.  I wish they were spending more time focusing on how to grow jobs and the economy as opposed to having to spend time figuring out how they manage a government shutdown.  But as always, they're prepared.  And we'll be getting a full briefing from the entire crew during the course of this meeting.

Thank you very much, everybody. 

5:20 P.M. EDT 

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