President Obama Visits a Florida Classroom

March 07, 2014 | 3:26 | Public Domain

President Obama visits a Florida high school that's helping more of its students fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

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Classroom in Coral Reef Senior High School
Miami, Florida

2:47 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  One of the reasons we're down here, Michelle and I are both working on encouraging school districts to adopt some terrific stuff that's being done down here in order for young people to know if they’ve done the work, if they’re being responsible, they’re outstanding students, then financing should not be a barrier for them being able to go to college.  And we just don't have enough information that's getting out there about how easy it is now to fill out the FAFSA form and other scholarships that are available.  But this school district is doing some great work on it.  So this is an example of where we want all our young people to be.

So, great job. 

2: 48 P.M. EST

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