2014 Warrior Care Month: Strength Comes in Many Forms

Marking the seventh celebration of Warrior Care Month, November 2014 is a time to recognize the service and sacrifice of our wounded, ill, and injured service members. While every day is a chance for us to give thanks to all our service members, we pause this month to celebrate the strength of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines regardless of their illness or injury. 

Strength comes in many forms and can be seen throughout each stage of recovery. Most recently, these forms of strength were shown at the 2014 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Emotional strength came in the form of celebration for winning the gold medal, or celebrating the win of your fellow service member when you did not. Physical strength was shown in each stride, pedal stroke, or discus launched in the air. Mental strength was shown in the determination of our service members to do their best and know that winning comes in more forms than a medal around their neck.

This month is also a time to celebrate the tenacity of the families and caregivers of our wounded warriors. Each day, they show their strength in all forms by caring for their wounded, ill, or injured service member. Now, more than ever, there are resources and networks for families to share their experiences with their peers. Most recently, the Joining Forces initiative launched a Military Caregiver Peer 2 Peer forum where families and caregivers can meet each month to discuss their experiences and share their words of wisdom with others who may be experiencing the same situations.

To learn more about our wounded, ill, and injured service members, visit: www.defense.gov/warriorcaremonth

For information on the Military Caregiver Peer 2 Peer forum, visit: http://warriorcare.dodlive.mil/peer-2-peer-forums/

Victoria Long is the Deputy Public Affairs Officer for the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.

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