Improving Housing, Medical Care, and Family Support for Our Nation's Soldiers

Map of Recovery Act Commitments 
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In the Next 100 Days:  Initiate 2,300 Construction and Rehabilitation Projects at 359 Military Facilities Across the Nation

Why?  The Department of Defense seeks to provide the men and women of the United States Military with housing, medical care, and family support facilities worthy of their commitment to our nation’s security and way of life. Department of Defense projects will make building safety improvements, repair and improve personnel living quarters, and begin solar energy projects at over 350 military installations throughout the country. 

Examples of each are as follows:

  • The Wounded Warrior Transition Center at Fort Bliss, TX, will help our wounded soldiers returning from active duty with their transition to productive lives here at home. Services will include physical rehabilitation, housing, transition assistance, and a variety of other support services.
  • Military barracks and housing renovation projects will upgrade living quarters significantly deteriorated from age and high occupancy.  Many are in need of major repairs.  These projects will provide modern and efficient housing for military service members, thereby greatly improving their quality of life.
  • Solar power generation projects will increase energy output and reduce the costs associated with energy production and electrical equipment maintenance at military installations across the country. 


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a strategic and significant investment in our country’s future. The Act will save and create jobs immediately while also laying the foundation for a robust and sustainable 21st century economy by modernizing our health care, improving our schools, modernizing our infrastructure, and investing in the clean energy technologies of the future.

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