Share Your Recovery Stories – The Recovery Act in Action

As of June 2009, the Recovery Act has helped create and save more than 150,000 jobs and helped more than 1,000 communities in every state. We want to hear about you and your community. 

Please submit your photos, videos or stories about the Recovery Act projects in your area and how they have affected your life. Keep checking as we highlight local stories from across the country, and help tell the story of America’s road to recovery.


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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a strategic and significant investment in our country’s future. The Act will save and create jobs immediately while also laying the foundation for a robust and sustainable 21st century economy by modernizing our health care, improving our schools, modernizing our infrastructure, and investing in the clean energy technologies of the future.

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Learn how many estimated jobs have been created and saved due to Recovery Act funding and see projects featured in the news media on our Summer of Recovery interactive map.

Roadmap to Recovery