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Help with 2011 SAVE Award

Fill out the form below if you're having trouble registering for or participating in the 2011 SAVE Award.

If you're having trouble registering with Ideascale (the service that's hosting the submission and voting process for the SAVE Award), please note that you must reply to a confirmation email in order to validate your email address. Be sure you have submitted a valid Federal Government email address (e.g. a .gov or a .mil) account. Also, check your Junk or Spam email folder to make sure the email was not mistakenly flagged by spam filters. Check with your email administrator if you are not receiving the SAVE Award confirmation email.

If you are having trouble submitting your idea via Ideascale, click here for an alternative way to submit your idea.

If you've signed up for email notifications and wish to stop receiving them, each email contains a link to manage your notification settings. Follow the link (you may need to sign in to IdeaScale first), then click on your name on the profile page. A dialogue box will appear that will allow you to edit your profile. Set the "Notification" setting to "Disabled" to stop receiving email alerts.

For other questions or concerns, use the form below:

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