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The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Statement by the President on the New START Treaty

I want to acknowledge an important step forward today that will advance our national security.   This afternoon, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted in favor of the New START Treaty, and I am pleased that it did so with strong bipartisan support.  I called the committee chairman, Senator Kerry, and Senator Lugar, the ranking member, to express my gratitude for their leadership, and I commend the members of the committee for their thoughtful review of this treaty. 

Leaders from across the political spectrum, including Secretaries of State and Defense from Republican and Democratic administrations have endorsed this Treaty.  They recognize that it is in our national security interest.  It reduces the deployed nuclear forces of both the United States and Russia, provides strong verification measures, and continues to improve relations between our two nations – the world’s two largest nuclear weapon powers, and key partners in global security.  Indeed, ratification of this Treaty will reinforce our cooperation with Russia on a range of issues, including one of our highest priorities – preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. 

Today, I urge the full Senate to move forward quickly with a vote to approve this Treaty.  I encourage members on both sides of the aisle to give this agreement the fair hearing and bipartisan support that it deserves, and that has been given to past agreements of its kind.  For like those efforts, this Treaty will advance American leadership in the world, while strengthening our national security in the 21st century.