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The White House
Office of the First Lady
For Immediate Release

Remarks by the First Lady during Superate Health Clinic Tour

4:30 P.M. San Salvador Time

      MRS. OBAMA:  Thank you.  You guys, you know, I can’t thank you enough for spending this -- letting us spend this time with you.  You all were --

      STUDENTS:  Thank you!

      MRS. OBAMA:  I mean, we are so proud of you.  I mean, truly.  And I was just telling these guys that you all remind me of me and my brother because we benefited from programs like these for gifted students.  And as a result of it he went to Princeton and I went on to Harvard.  So I expect the same thing -- and I don't even speak another language.  (Laughter.)  You all are well ahead of the game. So keep it up.  And the fact that you’re giving back already -- that you’re tutoring younger people, that you’re helping your families --

      STUDENTS:  Yes.

      MRS. OBAMA:  The goal is to keep doing that because when you get in this position, that's the only way we continue.  We pull, we bring people up along the way.  So as you get higher and higher, you’re always reaching back, always giving back.  And you all are starting it off really well.
      And thank you for being so kind to my mom and to my girls.  (Laughter.)

      STUDENTS:  Thank you for coming.

                  END         4:31 P.M. San Salvador Time