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The White House
Office of the First Lady
For Immediate Release

Remarks by the First Lady at iCarly Screening Event in Alexandria, VA

Hayfield Secondary School
Alexandria, Virginia

11:58 A.M. EST

MRS. OBAMA:  Oh, wasn’t that exciting?  (Applause.)  You know what, I had so much fun taping that episode with the iCarly cast.  They are amazing.  It was so much fun.  I forgot my lines and they didn’t even tease me.  It was really good.  Let’s give -- well, Jerry did.  Why don’t we give the cast a big round of applause?  (Applause.)

AUDIENCE:  Gibby!  Gibby!

MRS. OBAMA:  Gibby!  Gibby!  Gibby!  Gibby! Gibby!  (Applause.) 

Now, the only way we could have done this was to have the help and support of Nickelodeon.  They have just been amazing, because the cast, in addition to coming here, they’ve been touring the entire country -- going to military bases, meeting with other military kids -- because they know how important all of you are.

I want to know how many, by a show of hands or claps, how many kids here have parents in the military?  (Applause.)  Terrific. 

Well, this episode was for all of you, because we have cast members who are also military kids as well.  Show of hands -- who are our military kids?  (Applause.)  See?  Both Noah and Jerry grew up as military kids, just like you.  And what we do know is that kids like you make the same kind of sacrifices that your families do.  Many of you have moved from school to school.  You’ve been in several schools.  I know how hard it is to stay strong and focused when your mom and dad is serving.

So we did this episode because we want the whole country to know how proud we are of all of you, and much we appreciate you as our little heroes.  So we want you to stay strong.  Okay?  Be proud of what you do, because we are so proud of you.  And we know sometimes it can be hard, but know that you have the entire country that stands behind you guys.  Okay?  (Applause.) 

All right, so we’re going to have a little more fun.  You’re going to get to ask us some questions.  All right?  (Applause.)  So DJ Boogie, we turn it back over --

DJ BOOGIE:  All right, so they’re going to get you guys ready for the questions, and I’ve got a couple of questions for some military kids out here.  How about that?

MRS. OBAMA:  That sounds good.

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  So we have Ethan (ph).  Stand up, Ethan.  All right, this is Ethan.  (Applause.)  How old are you, Ethan?

ETHAN:  I’m 12. 

DJ BOOGIE:  You’re 12.  And you come here?

ETHAN:  What?

DJ BOOGIE:  You come here for school?

ETHAN:  Yes.  Well, Hayfield Elementary. 

DJ BOOGIE:  That’s awesome.  Now, do you have parents in the military?

ETHAN:  Yes.  Both of them are in the Navy.

DJ BOOGIE:  And are they stationed here, or are they overseas?

ETHAN:  They are both stationed here.

DJ BOOGIE:  They’re both stationed here.  Now, what do you to pass the time here at school?

ETHAN:  Well, I -- sometimes I read at recess, go out with some of the other kids onto the blacktop and mess around there.

DJ BOOGIE:  That’s awesome.  Well, listen, we’re really proud of you.  We’re proud of your parents and we’re proud of you.  That’s awesome, Ethan.  Good job.  (Applause.) 

All right.  And we got my buddy over here.  What’s your name?

ANTONIO:  Antonio.

DJ BOOGIE:  Antonio.  Stand on up, Antonio.  You a student here at Hayfield?

ANTONIO:  Yes, sir.

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  Now, tell us a little bit about your military family.

ANTONIO:  My dad is a command sergeant major.  He’s in Afghanistan right now.  And my mom, she was in the Army for 11 years.  She retired as a staff sergeant.

DJ BOOGIE:  And now, obviously you miss your father -- he’s overseas.  What do you do to pass your time while you’re here at school?

ANTONIO:  I mean, I have to be the bigger man to take the place for the household, because I got to watch my little sister and make sure my mom stays happy.  So --


DJ BOOGIE:  That’s a great thing.  You’re an amazing person.  (Applause.)

MRS. OBAMA:  DJ Boogie, let me ask --

DJ BOOGIE:  An amazing person.

MRS. OBAMA:  Let me ask you another question.  How many schools have you been to?  And what grade are you in, and how many schools have you been to since you’ve been in school?

ANTONIO:  I’m in 8th grade.

MRS. OBAMA:  Eighth grade?

ANTONIO:  And I’ve been to about five or six different schools.

MRS. OBAMA:  He’s been to five or six different schools.  And that’s true for most military kids.  Right?  So you’re doing all of this -- transferring to new schools every few years.  Right? 

And that’s something that we want the other kids who aren’t military kids to know, is that when you find a kid who is a military kid, who has come in new, it’s important for you all to do like iCarly’s friends did and step up and know the kind of struggles and challenges that they’re facing.  Because it’s not easy changing schools every few years and keeping your grades up, and knowing that your dad is away serving in another part of the world. 

I mean, you can imagine how tough that can be.  So we need all of you to step up as well, and all the kids all over the country, to find out who the military kids are in your schools.  And make sure you make them feel welcome. 

All right, can we do that?  Can we get that commitment from you guys here?

DJ BOOGIE:  Definitely.  Right, guys?  (Applause.)  Now, we’re really proud of you.  We’re really proud of you, okay? 

And now I have some questions for you guys up here, all right?  Are you guys ready?  The first question is coming -- and all of these questions are from you guys out here at school, okay? 

And the first question is for Mrs. Obama and it comes from Jared Lewie (ph).  Where is Jared Lewie?  Jared Lewie.  There you are, Jared Lewie. 

Jared Lewie wants to ask:  If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

MRS. OBAMA:  Ooh, good one.  You know what, I’ve always wanted to fly.  (Applause.)  You know?  When I was young I used to always have dreams about flying.  Has anyone had a dream about flying?  (Applause.)  Yes!  You just float over everywhere.  You could go anywhere.  You could go on a dime, and you feel so free.  Yes, I’d fly.

CAST MEMBER:  I love that he was concerned that you’re not powerful enough.  (Laughter.)  He’s like, how could you be more powerful?

MRS. OBAMA:  I could fly. 

CAST MEMBER:  Just wondering.

DJ BOOGIE:  That’s definitely it, flying.  All right, so we have another question.  It looks like this one is for Jennette.  It’s from Jayon Corton (ph).  Jayon Corton, where you at?  Jayon Corton, where you at?  Over there, also.

Is Sam really that strong?

JENNETTE:  Yeah!  Who asked that?

DJ BOOGIE:  Is Sam really that strong?

JENNETTE:  Of course.  Come on, I can flip over anybody.  I can beat up anyone.

DJ BOOGIE:  We got the bruises to prove it.

JENNETTE:  Look at these pythons, kids.  Look at these.  (Laughter.)

DJ BOOGIE:  That’s awesome.  All right, we have another question.  This is, again, for Mrs. Obama, from Haley Cole (ph).  Where is Haley Cole?  (Applause.)  Haley Cole, where you at, Haley?  Are you up top?  All right, see you, Haley. 

This is:  What are your efforts on school lunches, and could you change hours?

MRS. OBAMA:  Ooh, all right.

DJ BOOGIE:  I think Mr. Tremaine will have something to say about this.

MRS. OBAMA:  We’ll make sure that all the principals are listening to this.  But my husband and the Congress passed a legislation to make sure we could put more nutritious foods into the schools.  So you should be seeing more vegetables, more fruit, more healthy foods.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

MRS. OBAMA:  Yes, it’s going to be more healthy.  They’ll still be --

DJ BOOGIE:  Uh-oh.  They’re turning.

MRS. OBAMA:  I know, they’re turning.  It happens.  But this is for you all, because we want you to be the next leaders out there.  And let me tell you that something I know the cast will tell you, that it’s hard to do what you do if you’re not healthy and you’re not eating right, and you’re not putting good foods in your body, you’re not getting exercise.  And so we care very much that you start learning those habits early.  And schools are going to be stepping up.

But I would encourage you that if you want even more action, sit your principals down.  Get your parents involved.  Find out what’s going on in your school and what you would like to change, because you can also make changes right here with a little work and cooperation from the people around you.

So thanks for asking.  And eat your vegetables.  (Laughter.)

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  This next question is for Noah Munck, aka Gibby.  (Applause.)

It’s from Maria Barrios Bonita (ph).  Maria Barrios Bonita, where you at?  Maria Barrios Bonita. 

All right, Maria Barrios Bonita wants to know:  Since you have a TV show, how do you go to school?

NOAH:  How do you go to school?  Well, I am homeschooled.  I do all my school online.  It’s a little bit tough to go to real school, as the whole cast knows, because we’re constantly working, constantly traveling.  So I mean, it’s just -- it’s easier to get it all done at home and online. 

DJ BOOGIE:  All right, there you go.  (Applause.)  Any -- you do your studying, right?

NOAH:  Oh, yes.  Definitely.  Study.

DJ BOOGIE:  And you eat your vegetables.

NOAH:  I eat my vegetables constantly.  All you kids, study, eat your vegetables.  It’s very important.

DJ BOOGIE:  There it is.  We’ve got another question from Mrs. Obama from Jaylin Mullings (ph).  Where is Jaylin Mullings?  Jaylin Mullings?

And this question is:  What is your favorite room in the White House?

MRS. OBAMA:  Oh, my favorite, absolute favorite room is the Yellow Oval Room.  And if you’ve seen the White House, if you’ve come to the back where the South Lawn is, you see this balcony.  It’s called the Truman Balcony on the second floor, and that’s where we live.  We live on the top two floors of the White House.  And the Truman Balcony connects to the Yellow Oval Room.  It’s a beautiful room.  That’s where we put our family’s Christmas tree. 

And when I have other First Ladies who come and visit, we have tea in that room.  It’s really bright and sunny and airy.  And it’s one of the few places the President can walk outside on that balcony and be by himself if he needs to.  So it’s kind of a cool, personal space -- the Yellow Oval Room.

JERRY:  Is that where the plasma screen is?  (Laughter.)

MRS. OBAMA:  No plasma screen.

JERRY:  Is that where he watches Monday Night football, in the Oval room?

MRS. OBAMA:  You know, it’s close.  It’s close.

JERRY:  It’s nearby.

MRS. OBAMA:  It’s the Treaty Room.  That’s where that goes on.  (Laughter.)  But it does happen.

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  We’ve got another question for the cast.  All right, another question for the cast.  This is from Seth Williams (ph).  Where is Seth Williams at?  (Applause.)  Wow.

CAST MEMBER:  Seth is the most popular kid in school!

DJ BOOGIE:  Seth Williams is very, very popular --Seth.  All right, Seth Williams wants to know -- and this goes for the entire cast -- are any of your parents in, or has been in the military?  And please explain.

NOAH:  My dad was a Marine.  My dad -- once a Marine, always a Marine.  My dad served in the Marines.  And yes, so my dad and then Jerry’s dad was in the Navy growing up.

JERRY:  Yes, my dad was -- well, I was stationed in San Diego at Miramar where they filmed Top Gun.  (Laughter.)

NOAH:  Yes, my dad was stationed at Pendleton. 

JERRY:  Pretty sweet!  Me and Tom Cruise were hanging as kids.  That didn’t happen.  (Laughter.)

MRS. OBAMA:  What was it like for your guys? 

NOAH:  For me, I was not yet born.  But, I mean, just to have the pride of the --

MRS. OBAMA:  It’s close.

DJ BOOGIE:  It was very dark.  (Laughter.)

NOAH:  It was very dark.  (Laughter.) But, no --

DJ BOOGIE:  There were lots of clouds.

NOAH:  I love walking around telling people, you know, my dad is a Marine.  To have that pride that he served our nation, I think it’s really cool to have that in your family.

JERRY:  Yes, and his dad is with us a lot, and you could really tell that --

NOAH:  Yes, he travels around.

JERRY:  You could really tell that Noah is a really good kid and it reflects Noah’s parents.  They’re really nice people, and he’s very proud of all of that.

NOAH:  Yes, definitely.

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  So we’ve got another question for Mrs. Obama, and this is coming from Christina Zarolhol (ph).  Christina Zarolhol.  (Applause.)  There you are Christina. 


DJ BOOGIE:  There you are, Christina.  Hey, wave to us over there.  Hey, Christina, how’s it going?

And Mrs. Obama, what shows do you like to watch with your family?

MRS. OBAMA:  Well, iCarly, of course.  Yes!  (Applause.)  Can’t wait for the new episodes to come.  But we watch all kinds of things.  I mean -- but we try not to have too much TV time during the week.  But we’re big fans of iCarly, we certainly are.  And I even get upset when I’m watching a re-run.  So I’ll be glad when the new episodes come out.  Right? 


MRS. OBAMA:  You know, sometimes you just want new shows.  (Laughter.)

CAST MEMBER:  We will try to --

MRS. OBAMA:  More, more, more.  (Laughter.)

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.  So we got another question for the cast.  We’re going to throw this one down to Nathan and Miranda here.  It is from -- (applause) -- Sydney Bardack (ph).  Sydney Bardack.  Where is Sydney Bardack? 

Sydney Bardack wants to know:  What is your favorite thing to do off set?  Off set.

NATHAN:  Well, I got to say, between the guys on iCarly, video gaming runs in our blood.  (Applause.)  We try -- we do try to limit our time, but I won’t lie, there’s an Xbox in our green room on set.  We have been known to do a little bit of rock band in between scenes.

Besides that, I love reading.  I love photography.  I took photography in high school, so that’s definitely one of my big interests.  And I also love airsoft, which is sort of like paintball.  Do you guys know what paintball is?  (Applause.)  Dang, there’s a lot of paintballers in there.  Basically, you go out and it’s little plastic BB guns, and you go out -- and you wear a face mask, obviously.  You protect your face.  But you go out and you go and shoot your friends.  It’s a great time.  (Laughter.)

DJ BOOGIE:  Miranda, how about you?  Miranda, off set, what do you like to do?

MIRANDA:  Favorite things to do?  Well, Nathan got me into video games.  But I also really like bike riding, going to the movies, hanging out with these guys.

MRS. OBAMA:  And you sing.  You were with us -- you sing.  You have a beautiful voice.

MIRANDA:  Thanks.

MRS. OBAMA:  You were with us last Christmas. 

MIRANDA:  Yes, I got to -- that was so exciting getting to meet you guys and everything. 


MIRANDA:  Do you guys want to sing a little of the theme song with me?

DJ BOOGIE:  Yes, do you guys want to do a little of the theme song with her?  (Applause.)  That’s what Miranda said.

MIRANDA:  Do you guys want to do it with me? 

MRS. OBAMA:  They know all of it.

CAST MEMBER:  Yes, they know all of it out there.  They know all of it.

MIRANDA:  Everybody join.

DJ BOOGIE:  And I actually have it right here if you guys want to sing along the theme song.

CAST MEMBER:  Sing with us!

CAST MEMBER:  Yes, you guys have to sing it with us.

MIRANDA:  Yes, will you guys sing it with us?

(Mrs. Obama and cast members sing iCarly theme song.)

DJ BOOGIE:  All right.

MIRANDA:  Thank you, guys.  (Applause.)

DJ BOOGIE:  One last question.  One last question.  And now, I know that the First Lady is with you guys, but what was it like to work with the First Lady?  It’s okay, you can tell us. 

JERRY:  Here we go.

DJ BOOGIE:  She’s sitting right next to you, Jerry.

JERRY:  It’s all coming out now.

DJ BOOGIE:  Tell the truth.

JERRY:  She arrives and she goes -- like that to me.  (Laughter.)  And the she goes two for flinching, and then hits me twice in the arm.  (Laughter.)  I was like, what is happening?  And the Secret Service were like, deal with it, buddy.  (Laughter.)  We get it all the time.  (Laughter.)  I couldn’t believe it.  I was shocked.

NOAH:  He’s a complete liar. 

JERRY:  Oh, see?  See? 

DJ BOOGIE:  What was your take on it, Nathan?

NATHAN:  Well, I got to say, we were all definitely nervous when we found out that the First Lady was going to be doing an episode with us.  But we were definitely kind of on edge waiting for her to arrive, but once she finally got there she just set everybody at ease so quickly, and she was --

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you, Nathan!

NATHAN:  Oh, I love you, too, person in crowd!  (Laughter and applause.)  I love you, too.

But -- okay, settle down.  But she was awesome, and she got a ton of lines, but she did really, really well.  And, I mean, you messed up like maybe once or twice in the whole thing.

MIRANDA:  You’re a good actress.

JERRY:  She nailed it.

NATHAN:  We were like blowing our lines everywhere, and you were the professional on set.

DJ BOOGIE:  Wow.  So she out-acted you guys, huh?  So the First Lady out-acted you guys.

NATHAN:  Basically.

MRS. OBAMA:  No way, no way.

JENNETTE:  -- out-danced.

NOAH:  Definitely, like Jennette said, out-danced.  Tell them about that.

DJ BOOGIE:  Go ahead, Jennette.  What was your experience?

JENNETTE:  Working with Mrs. Obama was so -- (applause) -- when we all found out that Mrs. Obama was going to be guest starring on the show, I don’t think any of us really believed it.  And then the day came and we were all kind of hyperventilating and our internal organs were shutting down because we were so nervous.  And then she came to the set and called each of us by our first names and gave us a big hug, and was just so nice and so professional.  And I think we all had a blast.  And, I mean, it was just unforgettable.  It was one of the best days on set, and one of the best days of our lives.  (Applause.)

CAST MEMBER:  It’s one of the biggest episodes that Nickelodeon has ever done.  So thank you, Mrs. Obama, for that.

JENNETTE:  Thank you so much.

MRS. OBAMA:  It was so much fun.  You know what, you should know that these guys are as nice and as real as they seem on TV.  He’s hilarious and these guys are amazing.  You all are terrific.  Thank you for welcoming me into your crew, and thanks again to Nickelodeon for making this happen.

DJ BOOGIE:  Awesome.  And they did it for you guys out there, the military family and Joining Forces.  So thank you, guys.

MRS. OBAMA:  Thank you, guys.

DJ BOOGIE:  That concludes our show everyone.  (Applause.)  That concludes our show.  Big round of applause for the First Lady and the cast of iCarly!  (Applause.)

12:17 P.M. EST