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Expected Attendees at Tonight’s State Dinner

Below is a list of expected attendees at tonight’s State Dinner. Additional details about the State Dinner are available HERE.
Mr. J.J. Abrams, Pacific Palisades, CA
Ms. Katie McGrath
The Honorable Stacey Abrams, House Minority Leader (Georgia)
Mr. Ben Jealous
Ms. Jill Abramson, The New York Times, New York, NY
Mr. William Woodson
Mr. Charles Adams, Jr., Washington, DC
General Keith Alexander, Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Director of the National Security Agency, and Chief of the Central Security Service
Mrs. Debbie Alexander
Mr. Peter G. Angelos, Baltimore, MD
Mrs. Georgia Angelos
Mr. Kader Arif, Minister Delegate for Veterans Affairs, French Republic
The Honorable Caroline Atkinson, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs
Mr. Geoffrey Boyd Lamb
Ms. Jennifer Bado-Aleman, Gaithersburg, MD
Mr. Frank Skinner
Mr. Caleb Ballew, Huntsville, AL
Mrs. Kourtney Ballew, Huntsville, AL
Mr. Dan Barber, New York, NY
Mr. David Barber
The Honorable Karen Bass, United States Representative (California)
Ms. Barbara Jordan
Mr. Terrence Bean, Portland, OR
Mr. Robert Iwasaki
The Honorable Katie Beirne Fallon, Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs
            Mr. Brian Fallon
Mr. Joel Benenson, New York, NY
Mrs. Lisa Benenson, New York, NY
The Honorable Michael Bennet, United States Senator (Colorado)
Ms. Susan Daggett
Mrs. Andrea Bernstein, New York, NY
Mr. Tom Bernstein
Mr. Peter Beshar, Rye, NY
Mrs. Sarah Beshar
The Honorable Steven Beshear, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Mrs. Jane Beshear
The Honorable Joseph Biden, Jr., Vice President of the United States
Dr. Jill Biden
Mr. Robert Hunter Biden, Washington, DC
Mrs. Kathleen Biden
Ms. Mary J Blige, Saddle River, NJ
Mr. Kendu Isaacs
The Honorable Tony Blinken, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor
The Honorable Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Mr. Joseph Blount, Miami Beach, FL
Ms. Katherine Blount
Mrs. Nicole Bricq, Minister for Foreign Trade, French Republic
The Honorable William Burns, Deputy Secretary of State
Ms. Lisa Ann Carty
The Honorable Sylvia Burwell, Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Mr. Steve Burwell
The Honorable Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader (United States House of Representatives) 
The Honorable Jay Carney, Assistant to the President and Press Secretary
Ms. Claire Shipman
Mr. Jim Chanos, New York, NY
Ms. Crystal A Connors
Mr. Brian Cladoosby, LaConner, WA
Mrs. Nina Cladoosby
The Honorable James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence
Mrs. Susan Clapper
The Honorable Max Cleland, Secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission
Mrs. Linda Dean
Mr. Steve Clemons, The Atlantic, Washington, DC
Mr. Andrew Oros
The Honorable David L. Cohen, Philadelphia, PA
Mrs. Rhonda Cohen
The Honorable David Cohen, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Mrs. Suzy Cohen
Mr. Stephen Colbert, New York, NY
Mrs. Evie Colbert
Ms. Joanna Coles, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York, NY
Mr. Peter Godwin
Mr. Jason Collins, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Brunson Green
Mr. Jean-Marie Colombani, JMC Media, French Republic
Mr. Marcello Conviti, Carmat, French Republic
Mr. Bradley Cooper, New York, NY
Ms. Suki Waterhouse
Mr. James Crane, Houston, TX
The Honorable Danielle Crutchfield, Assistant to the President and Director of Scheduling and Advance
The Honorable Elijah Cummings, United States Representative (Maryland)
Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings
Mr. Philippe Dauman, New York, NY
Mrs. Deborah Dauman
His Excellency François Delattre, Ambassador of the Republic of France to the U.S.
Mrs. Sophie L’Hélias Delattre
General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Mrs. Diane Dempsey
Mr. Stéphane Distinguin, Cap Digital, French Republic
Dr. Karen Donfried, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs
Mr. Alan Untereiner
The Honorable Mike Donilon, Alexandria, VA
Mrs. Trish Donilon
Mr. Roland Du Luart, Senator from Sarthe, President of the Franco-American Friendship Committee, French Republic
Mrs. Shefali Duggal, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Rajat Duggal
Mr. Ken Ehrlich, Westlake Village, CA
Mrs. Harriet Ehrlich
His Excellency Laurent Fabius, Minister for Foreign Affairs, French Republic
Mr. Matthias Fekl, Representative of the National Assembly, French Republic
Mrs. Genevière Fioraso, Minister for Higher Education and Research, French Republic
Mr. Ken Fisher, Rockville, MD
Mrs. Tammy Fisher
The Honorable Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation
Mrs. Samara Foxx
Mr. Ken Frazier, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Mrs. Andrea Frazier
The Honorable Michael Froman, U.S. Trade Representative
Ms. Nancy Goodman
The Honorable Jason Furman, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
Ms. Eve A. Gerber, Washington, DC
Mr. Mark Gallogly, New York, NY
Ms. Elizabeth Strickler
Mr. Pierre Gattaz, President of MEDEF, French Republic 
Ms. Thelma Golden, New York, NY
Mr. Duro Olowu
Mr. John Goldman, Atherton, CA
Mrs. Marcia Goldman
Ms. Julianna Goldman, Bloomberg News, New York, NY
Mr. Michael Gottlieb
The Honorable Philip H Gordon, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf Region
Mrs. Rachel Gordon
The Honorable Danielle Gray, Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary
Ms. Jaunique Sealey
The Honorable Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense
Ms. Allyn Hagel
Ms. Laura G Haim, Canal Plus and I-Tele French TV, Washington, DC
Mr. Ara Aprikian
The Honorable William Haslam, Governor of the State of Tennessee
Mrs. Crissy Haslam
Mr. Samuel Heins, Wayzata, MN
Ms. Stacey Mills
Mr. Jean-Paul Herteman, Safran, French Republic
The Honorable Heather Higginbottom, Deputy Secretary of State
Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy
The Honorable Eric Holder, Jr., United States Attorney General
Dr. Sharon Malone
The Honorable John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
Dr. Patricia Falcone, Associate Director for National Security and International Affairs
Mrs. Laura Holgate, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for WMD Terrorism and Threat Reduction
Dr. Rick Holgate
Mr. Steve Holland, Reuters, Alexandria, VA
Mrs. Lucie Holland
Mr. Jean-Paul Huchon, Paris Region President, French Republic
Mr. Irwin Jacobs, La Jolla, CA
Mrs. Joan Jacobs
Mr. Jean-Marc Janaillac, Transdev, French Republic
The Honorable Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement
Mr. Paul Jean-Ortiz, Diplomatic Advisor to the President, French Republic
The Honorable Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior
The Honorable Mike Connor, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner
The Honorable Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security
Dr. Susan DiMarco
The Honorable Kevin Johnson, Mayor of the City of Sacramento
Ms. Michelle Rhee
Mr. Hubert Joly, Richfield, MN
Ms. Natalie Jones, Acting Chief of Protocol, U.S. Department of State
Justice Elena Kagan, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
Ms. Mindy Kaling, Universal City, CA
Ms. Jocelyn Leavitt
Ms. Roberta Kaplan, New York, NY
Ms. Rachel Lavine
The Honorable Cody Keenan, Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting
Ms. Kristen Bartoloni
The Honorable Patrick F. Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management, U.S. Department of State
Ms. M. Elizabeth Swope
The Honorable John Kerry, Secretary of State
The Honorable Leslie Kiernan, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President
Mr. Paul Kiernan
The Honorable Ronald Klain, Chevy Chase, MD
Ms. Monica Medina
Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Mrs. Anne Lauvergeon, Chairwoman of “Innovation 2030” Committee, French Republic
Mr. Jonathan Lavine, Weston, MA
Ms. Emily Lavine
Mr. Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES, French Republic
The Honorable Patrick Leahy, President Pro Tempore (United States Senate)
Mrs. Marcelle Leahy
Mr. Frédéric Lefebvre, Representative of the National Assembly, French Republic
Ms. Corine Lesnes, Le Monde, Paris, France
Mr. John Ruddy
The Honorable Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury
Dr. Ruth Schwartz
Dr. Tara Leweling, Director for NATO and European Affairs, National Security Council Staff
Mr. Harun Dogo
Ms. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mt. Kisco, NY
Mr. William Louis-Dreyfus
Mr. Emmanuel Macron, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, French Republic
Ms. Kathy Manning, Greensboro, NC
Mr. Randall Kaplan
The Honorable Alyssa Mastromonaco, Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
The Honorable Denis McDonough, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff
Mrs. Kari McDonough
Mr. Cappy McGarr, Dallas, TX
Mrs. Janie McGarr
Mr. Raymond McGuire, New York, NY
Ms. Crystal McCrary
The Honorable Brian McKeon, Deputy Assistant to the President, and Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff for the National Security Council Staff
Ms. Lizabeth Tankersley
Mr. Eliseo Medina, La Canada-Flintridge, CA
Ms. Arcelia Rocio Saenz
Ms. Constance Milstein, Washington, DC
Mr. Jehan Christophe de la Haye St. Hilaire
Ms. Nicola Miner, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Robert Mailer Anderson
The Honorable Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Deputy National Security Advisor
Mr. Mark Monaco
The Honorable Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy
Mrs. Naomi Moniz
Mr. Bobby Monks, Portland, ME
Mr. Arnaud Montebourg, Minister for Industrial Renewal, French Republic
Mr. Aquilino Morelle, Political Advisor to the President, French Republic
Mr. Pierre Moscovici, Minister for Economy and Finance, French Republic
Mr. Bruce Mosler, New York, NY
Mr. Willard Freeman
The Honorable Cecilia Muñoz, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council
Mr. Amit A. Pandya
Mr. Elon Musk, Los Angeles, CA
Mrs. Talulah Musk
Mr. Pierre Nanterme, Accenture, French Republic
Ms. Karen Narasaki, Washington, DC
Mr. Vivek Malhotra
The Honorable Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Mr. Robert Kagan
The Honorable Michael Nutter, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia
Mrs. Lisa Nutter
Mr. Kevin F. O'Malley, St. Louis, MO
Mrs. Dena O'Malley
Ms. Julie Pace, Associated Press, Washington, DC 
Mr. Michael Ferenczy
The Honorable Jennifer Palmieri, Assistant to the President and Communications Director
Mr. James Lyons
Mrs. Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate for SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, French Republic
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader (United States House of Representatives)
Mrs. Jacqueline Kenneally
Mr. Fabien Penone, Deputy Diplomatic Advisor to the President, French Republic
Mr. Guillaume Pepy, SNCF, French Republic
The Honorable Tom Perez, Secretary of Labor
Ms. Ann Marie Staudenmaier
The Honorable Dan Pfeiffer, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor
Mr. Richard Plepler, New York, NY  
Mrs. Lisa Plepler
The Honorable John Podesta, Counselor to the President
Mrs. Mary Podesta
The Honorable Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative the United Nations
Mr. Cass Sunstein
The Honorable Penny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce
Mr. Nicholas Pritzker
General Benoît Puga, Military Advisor to the President, French Republic
Mr. Tangi Quéméner, Agence France-Presse, Bethesda, MD
Ms. Anne Porquet
Ms. Azita Raji, Tiburon, CA
Mr. Gary Syman
The Honorable Stephanie C Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of the City of Baltimore
Mr. Kent Blake
The Honorable Ben Rhodes, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting
Ms. Ann Norris
The Honorable Steven Ricchetti, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Mrs. Amy Ricchetti
The Honorable Susan Rice, Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor
Mr. Ian Cameron
Mrs. Claudine Ripert-Landler, Press Advisor, French Republic
Mr. Charles H Rivkin, Washington, DC
Ms. Susan Tolson
Mrs. Rachel Robinson, New York, NY
Mr. Norman Siegel
The Honorable Harold Rogers, United States Representative (Kentucky)
Mrs. Cynthia Rogers
Mr. James Roosevelt, Jr., Cambridge, MA
Mrs. Ann Roosevelt
Mrs. Laura Ross, New York, NY
Mr. James Ross
Mr. Alain Rousset, Aquitaine Region President, French Republic 
The Honorable Edward Randall Royce, United States Representative (California)
Mrs. Marie Royce, Washington, DC
The Honorable Kathy Ruemmler, Assistant to the President and Counsel to the President, Washington, DC
Ms. Margaret-Angèle Russell, New York, NY
Mr. Robert Kaplan
The Honorable Paul Ryan, United States Representative (Wisconsin) 
Mrs. Janna Ryan
Mr. Lee Saunders, Washington, DC 
Mrs. Lynne Saunders
Mrs. Barbara Schmidt, Boca Raton, FL
Mr. Richard Schmidt
The Honorable Charles Schumer, United States Senator (New York)
Ms. Iris Weinshall
Mr. Pete Selleck, Greenville, SC
Mrs. Nancy Selleck
The Honorable Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., Counselor to the Secretary of State
Mrs. Maria Shannon
Reverend Alfred Sharpton, New York, NY
Ms. Aisha I. McShaw
Mrs. Beth Shaw, New York, NY
Ms. Rebecca Shaw
The Honorable Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary for Political Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Mr. Bruce Stokes
The Honorable Liz Sherwood-Randall, Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for Defense Policy, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Arms Control
Dr. Jeffrey Randall
The Honorable Peter Shumlin, Governor of the State of Vermont
Ms. Sarah Schmidt
The Honorable David Simas, Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Advisor for Communications and Strategy
Ms. Shauna McCarty
Ms. Liz Simons, Atherton, CA
Mr. Mark Heising
Mrs. Sarah Smiley, Bangor, ME 
Commander Dustin Smiley
Mr. Chuck Smith, Jr., Winnetka, IL
Mrs. Melissa Smith
Mr. Keith Smith, Ashland, VA
Mr. Burton Smith
Mr. Michael Smith, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Natalie Massenet
Ms. Kim Snow, Thorton, PA
Mr. James Snow
Mr. Kenneth Solomon, Pacific Palisades, CA 
Mrs. Melissa Solomon
Mr. Arne Sorenson, Bethesda, MD
Mrs. Ruth Sorenson
The Honorable Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council
Mr. Rick Sperling
Ms. Alexandra Stanton, New York, NY
Ms. Domna Stanton
Mr. Laurent Stefanini, Chief of Protocol, French Republic
Mr. Randall Stephenson, Dallas, TX
Mrs. Lenise Stephenson
Mr. David Stern, New York, NY
Mrs. Dianne Stern
The Honorable Todd Stern, United States Special Envoy for Climate Change
Ms. Jennifer Klein
Mrs. Jane Stetson, Norwich, VT
Mr. Bill Stetson III
Mr. Mark Taplin, Charge d'Affaires ad interim at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France
Ms. Kathy Kavalec
The Honorable Tina Tchen, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady
Mr. Benoit Thieulin, Digital National Committee President, French Republic
Mr. Andrew Tobias, New York, NY
Ms. Marie Brenner
Ms. Cicely Tyson, New York, NY
Mr. Reginald Austin Henry
The Honorable David Wade, Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State
Ms. Elizabeth Alexander
The Honorable Debbie Wasserman Schultz, United States Representative (Florida)
Mr. Steven Schultz
Mr. Frank White, Jr., Washington, DC
Mr. William Kirk
Ms. Edith Windsor, New York, NY
Ms. Julie Milligan
Mr. Richard Winter, Auriga USA
Mrs. Alexandra Winter
Mr. Jeff Zucker, CNN, New York, NY
Mrs. Caryn Zucker