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The White House
Office of the First Lady
For Immediate Release

Remarks by the First Lady at "Doc McStuffins" Screening for Military Children to Honor Veterans Day

South Court Auditorium

3:40 P.M. EST

MRS. OBAMA:  Look who I have with me!  (Applause.)  I have Doc McStuffins with me!  Everyone, isn’t it exciting?  (Applause.)

How are you guys doing out there?  What’s going on?

CHILD:  Nothing!

MRS. OBAMA:  Nothing?  Are you sure?  (Laughter.)  How many people love Doc McStuffins?  (Applause.)  Tell me, what are some of your favorite things that you like about Doc McStuffins?

CHILD:  That she fixes toys.

MRS. OBAMA:  That she fixes toys?  What else?

CHILD:  That she’s kind.

MRS. OBAMA:  That she’s kind.

CHILD:  That she helps toys and fixes them better.

MRS. OBAMA:  She helps toys and fixes them better.

CHILD:  She makes sure they’re not sick.

MRS. OBAMA:  She makes sure they’re not sick.  That’s so good.

CHILD:  She’s really nice.

MRS. OBAMA:  She’s really nice.

CHILD:  -- and she makes sure that none of the toys get sick, too.

MRS. OBAMA:  She makes sure that none of the toys gets sick, that’s right.  Doc McStuffins is a really special young lady, isn’t she?  (Applause.)  Yay for Doc McStuffins.  But you know one of the reasons why you guys are here?

CHILD:  Why?

MRS. OBAMA:  Because you guys are some pretty special boys and girls, did you know that?

CHILD:  Yes!

MRS. OBAMA:  Yes, you should know that.  (Laughter.)  You guys are pretty special, so we wanted to do something special for you guys on Veterans Day.  How many people know that Veterans Day is coming up?  And what do we celebrate on Veterans Day?

CHILD:  Daddy!

MRS. OBAMA:  Daddies.  (Laughter.)  That’s right.

CHILD:  And mamas.

MRS. OBAMA:  And mamas.  On Veterans Day, we celebrate families like yours because your moms and dads, and maybe for some of you your grandparents, or aunts or uncles, or brothers and sisters are serving our country, and they’re making sure it’s safe for everybody in this country.  And we’re so proud of them, but, more importantly, we’re proud of you all.  Because you know what?  You guys are heroes, too.  Because your moms and dads couldn’t do what they do unless you were really smart, really kind, and really patient.  Because you guys are sacrificing just as much as your moms and dads are, and we are so very, very proud of you.  Do you know that?

CHILD:  Woo hoo!

MRS. OBAMA:  Yes, woo for you guys!  (Laughter.)  And Doc McStuffins came all the way here because she’s proud of you, too.  Yes.  She knows that you guys are heroes just like she’s a hero, all right?  And I want you guys to remember that -- that we’re all so proud of you, and you’re so special.

So we wanted to celebrate with you by showing you an episode of Doc McStuffins.  (Applause.)  So that’s what’s coming up next, okay?  So is everybody ready to see the episode?


MRS. OBAMA:  Wait, wait, I can’t hear -- I don’t know.  I don’t know if you’re excited enough.  Let’s hear it -- are you ready to see Doc McStuffins?  (Applause.)  Do you think that’s good enough, Doc Mcstuffins?  Do you think we should show it to them?  Yes!  It’s time!  All right.

So without further ado, I give to you Doc McStuffins.  Have fun.  (Applause.)  Bye!

3:45 P.M. EST