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The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Remarks by the President and the First Lady at Easter Egg Roll

South Grounds

10:55 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody!  (Applause.)  Well, happy Easter.

AUDIENCE:  Happy Easter!

THE PRESIDENT:  We are so blessed to have this beautiful day and to have so many friends in our backyard!  (Applause.)  And Malia and Sasha, they had a little school stuff going on today, but they want to send their love.  Bo and Sunny are here, along with the Easter Bunny.  And this is always one of our favorite events.  We hope you guys are having fun.  (Applause.) 

This is a particularly special Easter Egg Roll because we've actually got a birthday to celebrate.  It is the fifth anniversary of the First Lady’s Let's Move initiative.  (Applause.)  And to help us celebrate we've got the outstanding young group, Fifth Harmony, here to help us sing “Happy Birthday.” Everybody ready to sing “Happy Birthday?”  (Applause.) 

All right.  Fifth Harmony!

(“Happy Birthday” is sung.)

MRS. OBAMA:  Oh, my god, that was so good!  Let’s give Fifth Harmony a round of applause.  Yay!  (Applause.) 

Well, you guys, welcome to the Easter Egg Roll.  But as you’ve heard, this is the fifth anniversary of Let's Move.  And we're celebrating by taking over the Easter Egg Roll with Gimme Five.  And for those of you who don't know about the Gimme Five challenge, that's the fun, exciting way that we're trying to get the whole country to celebrate the fifth birthday of Let's Move. And we're asking Americans of all ages to give me five ways they’re leading a healthier life -- five jumping jacks, eating five new vegetables, maybe doing a Gimme Five dance.  You name it.  And go on and Instagram it, #GimmeFive, and then challenge somebody else. 

We've had so much fun doing this challenge.  Beyoncé has done it.  Michael Strahan has done it.  Everybody is doing it.  Ryan Seacrest.  So be a part of the movement.  It’s fun.  It’s a great way to get everybody moving. 

So I want to thank you guys for coming.  I want to thank all of the staff and all the volunteers.  Give it up for our volunteers -- (applause) -- who worked so hard to put this together. 

And I want you to enjoy this day.  Take advantage of all of the great activities -- the cooking stage we have over there.  I'm going to be over at the main stage in a few minutes, and we're going to be doing the Gimme Five dance with the So You Think You Can Dance all-stars and mentors.  (Applause.)  So I hope you guys have been learning the steps, because we're going to do it over there in just a few minutes.  So I hope you join me over there. 

We're going to turn this backyard into a huge Gimme Five flash mob.  Are you ready for that?  (Applause.)  All right.  Well, with that, we're going to get down there and do some Easter egg rolling.  You guys, thank you so much.  Have a great time.  And Happy Easter!  Love you!  (Applause.) 


11:03 A.M. EDT