White Optics, LLC

A grant of $1.5 million from the Department of Energy was provided to White Optics, LLC, a lighting technology company in Newark. White Optics, working in conjunction with Crowell Corporation of Newport, DE will use this grant to develop and manufacture coatings that will make existing LED and fluorescent lights more energy efficient, resulting in operational cost savings. Officials believe the production of coatings made possible by this grant could eventually lead to the creation of 100 Delaware jobs. Eric Teather, White Optics' president, said the use of new materials developed by White Optics could cut the operating cost of a single, standard fluorescent office light fixture by $40 annually, while also saving electricity and reducing waste heat that can drive up air conditioning costs.

Delaware's Numbers
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Number of jobs created or saved by the Recovery Act:


Recover Act funds made available to support jobs:

$1.3 Billion

Recovery Act funds that have already been spent:

$678.8 Million

Number of working families receiving tax relief that can be put to use immediately:


Number of Recovery Act-backed small business loans :


Miles of highway improved across the state:


Number of clean energy projects :


Number of homes that will be weatherized :


Number of students getting Pell Grants to help pay college tuition:


Number of education jobs funded by the Recovery Act:



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