The North Oaks Health system

A $99 million issuance will be used to finance a 200,000 square foot, five-story hospital tower, expanding North Oaks’ existing facility. The new space will include 14 new operating room suites, 12 outpatient surgery beds, and 67 new inpatient rooms. The North Oaks Health system was originally forced to put this plan on hold in December 2008, due to the financial downturn’s effects on the municipal finance market. However, with the lower costs associated with the Build America Bond program, the hospital was able to renew its plans.

Louisiana's Numbers
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Number of jobs created or saved by the Recovery Act:


Recover Act funds made available to support jobs:

$5.1 Billion

Recovery Act funds that have already been spent:

$2.7 Billion

Number of working families receiving tax relief that can be put to use immediately:

1.6 Million

Number of Recovery Act-backed small business loans :


Miles of highway improved across the state:


Number of clean energy projects :


Number of homes that will be weatherized :


Number of students getting Pell Grants to help pay college tuition:


Number of education jobs funded by the Recovery Act:



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