Six Important Numbers on Ethics
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over one million

White House visitor records posted online

50 states now offer options for people with pre-existing conditions

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan program makes it possible for people who may have previously been denied coverage to purchase health insurance. More information on each State's plan is available on

1 million checks mailed to seniors

As of August 2010, 1 million rebate checks had been mailed to American seniors who had reached the gap in Medicare's prescription drug coverage, often called the 'donut hole'

8 million dollars saved through the law's new provisions in just two years

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act are expected to save Medicare an estimated $8 billion in the next two years and almost $418 billion by 2019.

26: the age up to which young adults can be covered under their parents insurance plan

Beginning on September 23, all insurance plans will be offering young adults up to age 26 options for being covered under their parents plan.