The Case Against Repeal

New York Times masthead

New York Times

New York, NY

Reform means that tens of millions of uninsured people will get a chance at security; and many millions more who have coverage can be sure they can keep or replace it.

Sacramento Bee masthead

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, CA

…Americans now have a clear choice on solutions. The 2010 law offers a real fix, providing a base upon which to build. The House Republican solution is a sham and a giveaway.

Des Moines Register masthead

Des Moines Register

Des Moines, IA

Repeal health reform law? Preposterous.

Aurora Sentinel masthead

Aurora Sentinel

Aurora, CO

[Repeal is]…a genuinely lame idea on several levels.

Poughkeepsie Journal masthead

Poughkeepsie Journal

Poughkeepsie, NY

Repeal of health reform a bad idea.

Charlotte Observer masthead

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte, NC

Repealing health care reform will add to the deficit by an estimated $230 billion over 10 years.

Mercury News masthead

Mercury News

San Jose, CA

Speak up if you support health care reform.

Bemidji Pioneer masthead

Bemidji Pioneer

Bemidji, MN

[Republicans] …offer nothing but to undo what the Democrats have done, even against their own ground rules.

Spokesman-Review masthead

The Spokesman-Review

Spokane, WA

House Republicans plan to hold a vote on repealing the new health care law, but no replacement is in sight.

The Reporter masthead

The Reporter

Vacaville, CA

Making any meaningful changes will require the GOP to get serious about governing and not just grandstanding.

Sacramento Bee masthead

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, CA

Instead of focusing on joblessness and other pressing priorities, the new GOP majority in the House appears stuck in the past.

Memphis Commercial Appeal masthead

Memphis Commercial Appeal

Memphis, TN

Repeal would be a giant step backwards for America.

Kansas City Star masthead

Kansas City Star

Kansas City, MO

This brief GOP proposal offers nothing in the way of solutions for a health care system that every politician, GOP or Democrat, had admitted was broken..

Palm Beach Post masthead

Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach, FL

[Republicans] should help to figure out which parts of the law work and which parts don't, then focus on improving health care reform, not stopping it.

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Las Vegas Sun masthead

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas, NV

Republicans just don’t get it. Americans largely support the health care law’s key provisions.

Baltimore Sun masthead

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore, MD

GOP's health care repeal zealotry unlikely to sit well with the millions who stand to lose insurance coverage — or who prefer a smaller deficit.

Washington Post masthead

Eugene Robinson

Washington Post

[Repeal]…is purely theatrical - and woefully ill-advised.”

Wilmington News Journal masthead

Wilmington News Journal

Wilmington, DE

[Republicans]… have been long on promises and short on specifics.

St. Petersburg Times masthead

St. Petersburg Times

St. Petersburg, FL

... it's worth noting the substantial strides the Affordable Care Act has already achieved in making health care more accessible, and those coming in 2011.

La Opinión masthead

La Opinión

Republican critics…[have misrepresented] the bill as an enlargement of the federal government that would lead to socialism and the creation of 'death panels.'.