Tracy Wirtanen, Appleton

Tracy's son, Sami Wirtanen-DeBenedet, has Neurofibromatosis, a disorder that affects 1 in 3,000 children that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body. Because there is no cure for the condition itself, the only therapy for people with neurofibromatosis is a program of treatment by a team of specialists to manage symptoms or complications. Surgery may also be needed when the tumors compress organs or other structures. Tracy's plan currently has a lifetime limit on care that Sami could easily reach with his condition. Under the Affordable Care Act, Sami's plan will be banned from imposing a lifetime limit on his care.

Wisconsin's Numbers
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Small businesses who may be eligible for tax credits this year:


Number of residents who hit the donut hole last year and could be eligible for rebates if they hit the donut hole this year:


Number of Medicare beneficiaries who will receive free preventive services and other benefits:


Number of people who purchase private insurance and will not have to worry about lifetime limits being placed on coverage:


Number of people who purchase private insurance who are protected from rescissions:


Number of young adults who could have quality affordable coverage through their parents:


Number of employers that have been approved for the early retiree reinsurance program as of August 31:


Number of early retirees who could benefit from the reinsurance program:


Number of new enrollees with Medicaid expansion:


Amount of Federal Spending Support on Medicaid, 2014-2019 (millions of dollars):



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