What does $40 mean to you?

If Congress doesn’t act, the payroll tax cut will expire at the end of February and taxes will go up on 160 million hardworking Americans. The typical family earning $50,000 a year will see about $40 less each paycheck. It’s that simple.

Back in December, Congress faced this exact same predicament. People all over the country tweeted, emailed and wrote to explain how losing $40 each check would affect them. Ultimately, thanks to your stories, Congress did the right thing and passed a two-month tax cut extension – but only after a drawn-out debate that put the strength of our economy and the security of middle class families at risk.

We can’t go through that again. And hardworking families can’t afford to see their taxes go up. The fact is, that $40 is real money for those who are already struggling.

It’s more important than ever that you make sure your story is part of the debate here in Washington. Tell us what $40 means to you and your family. What would you have to go without or give up if Congress doesn’t act?

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