Building on the President’s Call to Action to Use Open Data to Strengthen Neighborhoods

As the President said in his State of the Union address, we must harness 21st century technology and innovation to expand access to opportunity and tackle our greatest challenges. On March 7th, the Administration launched the Opportunity Project to put new data and tools in the hands of civic leaders, community organizations, and families so they can better navigate information about critical resources such as access to jobs, housing, transportation, schools, and other neighborhood amenities.

We hope you will join us in unleashing the power of this Opportunity Project data to help our children and our children’s children access the resources they need to thrive. is a new platform that provides easy access to the Opportunity Project digital tools and for software developers and community partners to access the data, build new tools, and connect with others through a community of practice. This newly curated combination of Federal and local open data can now be leveraged to help families find affordable housing, help businesses identify services they need, and help policymakers see inequities in their communities and make investments to expand fair housing and increase economic mobility.

We invite you to use the Opportunity Project data, offer additional sources of data, deepen community engagement through partnerships and user-centered design, and other actions. We want to hear from you about what new steps you are taking or programs you are implementing to use Opportunity Project data, tools, and partnerships to tackle inequities and strengthen your communities.

You can read about what other organizations across sectors are doing to advance this important work here and on

Let us know if you are a private sector company or nonprofit or community organization taking new, specific, and measurable steps to further the PDI’s goals of increasing transparency, building community trust, and strengthen accountability.

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Please describe the current state of your city or agency’s police data. For example, what datasets are publicly shared?

Please describe your proposed commitments to make data more accessible to the public and to use data as a path for citizen engagement. Please provide specific details as to what you plan to do and how you will accomplish it.

Let us know if you are a city or law enforcement agency interested in making data available as part of the Police Data Initiative. This would involve participating in a community of practice around this work, and committing to releasing at least three data sets around police-citizen interactions in an open data format.

In what capacity does your company or organization currently interact with law enforcement agencies, community groups, and/or open data?

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Please describe your new efforts to enable departments to share police data with the public or to use data for increased community engagement. Please provide specific details as to what you plan to do and how you will accomplish it.

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