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A Call to Action to Celebrate the Manufacturing of Today and Tomorrow

Manufacturing represents so much of the best of what America has to offer – ingenuity, creativity, grit, persistence, and teamwork. Like the innovative people, products, and value chains that keep this economic engine revving, American manufacturing is hard at work, evolving and expanding across the country.

That is why, on Manufacturing Day , we celebrate the vitality and reality of American manufacturing to youth and workers across the Nation, motivating the next generation of manufacturers. An annual event that occurs on the first Friday of October, Manufacturing Day is an occasion during which manufacturers open their doors to showcase the potential of modern manufacturing and foster interest in manufacturing careers. All across the country, organizations showed the public what manufacturing really looks like— in 2015 , Manufacturing Day was celebrated with more than 2,600 open houses and events in each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico with more than 400,000 students, parents, and community members attending.

To celebrate this year’s Manufacturing Day on October 7, 2016 , the White House wants to learn about actions taken by organizations to support the long-lasting impact of Manufacturing Day, such as inspiring the next generation of manufacturers and makers or supporting entrepreneurs that are manufacturing their first product in the United States.

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