A Double Bottom Line Investment: Giving Young People A First Job

President Obama is calling on businesses to sign onto the “First Job” Company Compact. The goal is to spread best practices that business leaders are already implementing to connect more out of school, out of work Opportunity Youth ages 16 to 24 to jobs to support those young people and regional economies. By filling out this form your company is signing onto the First Job Compact below.

If applicable, your announcement may be incorporated into White House materials in the coming months and your organization and relevant partners may be invited to participate in upcoming White House events on this topic.

Have questions about your commitment? Email FN-WHO-NEC_FirstJobs@who.eop.gov

Please submit this form by November 4th, 2016 for consideration.


The Human Resources, operational, and corporate social responsibility leaders of my business are committed to inclusive hiring practices that open up pathways for out of school, out of work young people to apply and be fully considered for jobs at my company by adopting the following practices:

    (1) Identify jobs and internships that can be filled by young workers (ages 16 to 24) with little or no prior experience. If needed, appropriately adjust job descriptions, application, screening, and interview process to make them more accessible to low-income teens and young adults.

    (2) Partner with nonprofits, school districts, workforce development boards, and others to identify and recruit opportunity youth in specific regions where you operate.

    (3) Develop a plan to support opportunity youth once hired so they can gain the skills and experiences needed to move up in a career or educational pathway (for example, partner with local nonprofits to provide job coaches or identify internal mentors).

    (4) Take steps to create data systems to track and capture results so you can demonstrate how hiring opportunity youth adds business value.

    (5) Develop internal and external communications strategy to share outcomes of opportunity youth hiring initiatives with HR and operational leaders.

For companies that are already successfully implementing these practices, we are interested in what additional steps you plan to take to further expand and build on your existing work. For those who are at the outset, we would like to hear how you plan to pilot these efforts.

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