Image of STEM: What stories in STEM need to be told?

Supporting the inclusion of diverse and compelling STEM images, stories, and positive messages in mainstream entertainment media can help promote diversity in the STEM workforce.
There are (at least) three major opportunities where STEM-related depictions in entertainment media can serve as a tool for STEM inclusion, and we would love to hear what you think! 
1- Include diverse STEM role models (past and present). Role models play an important role in shaping the future aspirations of youth and adults alike—they can help students envision themselves as STEM professionals, enhance perception of STEM careers, and boost confidence in studying STEM subjects.
2- Highlight the breadth of STEM careers and societal impacts. Emphasizing social impacts and exciting aspects of STEM work could help inspire students to tackle pressing challenges of the 21st century in the United States and abroad.  Stories could also illustrate the range of STEM jobs. 
3- Debunk STEM stigmas and misconceptions. STEM is often perceived as boring, too difficult, and “not for everyone.”

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