A National Call for Commitments to Use Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Protect Privacy, Benefit Society, and Further Enhance Safe Operations

On June 21, 2016, the Administration finalized ground rules to govern commercial, scientific, public safety and other non-recreational uses of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) —commonly known as “drones”—in the National Airspace System. These rules will enable the safe expansion of a new generation of aviation technologies that will create jobs, enhance public safety, advance scientific inquiry, and more.

The Administration wants to hear from stakeholders including educational institutions, academic and industry researchers, private companies, and nonprofit organizations about new, specific, and measurable steps that you will take to support positive applications of unmanned aircraft systems technology. This includes steps to advance research and development and expand partnerships that benefit American citizens using unmanned aircraft as a tool for more efficient and safe operations.

New technologies and business practices can also help protect privacy in the use of unmanned aircraft systems. The Administration is putting out a call for private sector and nonprofit organizations to share how they will act to protect privacy during drone operations. This call builds on actions already taken by industry. For example, one drone manufacturer is releasing a new tool that allows remote operators to create a map of where they want to fly and only captures images in that area, which will allow operators to prevent the accidental collection of sensitive data. And an unmanned aircraft software provider is integrating privacy considerations into software design by creating a pre-flight privacy checklist.

By July 15, 2016, tell us via the form below about actions your organizations are interested in taking to advance the above goals. This form is now closed.