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ONDCP relies on strong working relationships with community leaders, local organizations, and Federal, state, local, and tribal agencies to reduce drug use and its consequences. As a result, we encourage stakeholders to submit meeting and invitation requests at any time for consideration. We hope to acknowledge requests as soon as possible, but do not hesitate to email OIPL@ONDCP.EOP.GOV if you have questions.

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Include information concerning the event’s program, purpose or function, format, and length. Please identify any sponsors or affiliate organizations, speakers, featured guests, people to thank, etc. Please enter no more than 3500 characters.

Please provide a street address, including City and State, and the name of the facility, if applicable.

(Organizations should not offer CEU/CME credits for the portion of the event where ONDCP officials speak, or should not charge participants for those credits.)

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Please submit new request if meeting attendees change.

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