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A Call to Action to Save One of America’s Most Important Natural Resources

On Monday, August 1, OSTP announced a nationwide call to action to address soil degradation and erosion across the United States. OSTP also announced that The White House had formed a new Working Group on soil under the National Science and Technology Council, which will seek technical input from 15 Federal departments and agencies, and work toward Federal actions to protect soil resources.

OSTP seeks innovative actions from Federal agencies, academic scientists and engineers, farmers, entrepreneurs, businesses, advocates, and members of the public to participate in a nationwide effort to impede soil loss, enhance soil genesis, and restore degraded soils.

Tell us what you are doing to respond to this important call to action. If chosen, your response may be included in material, similar to the fact sheet for the 2015 White House Science Fair, released later this year.

Instructions: Response to these questions is voluntary. Respondents need not reply to all questions listed. The White House may post responses to these questions without change, online. The White House therefore requests that no business proprietary information, copyrighted information, or personally identifiable information be submitted. Please note that the U.S. Government will not pay for response preparation, or for the use of any information contained in the response.

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