Your Future, Your Solutions: 100 Youth Strategies for Winning the Future

President Obama just announced that between now and May 31st, Administration Officials will be participating in 100 Roundtables with Young Americans all across the country. You can host your own in your community, ask someone from the administration to participate in one, or plug into one that already exists.

What: Host or participate in a roundtable in your community & share your conversation with us! Administration officials will join 100 of these.

How: Easy.  Make sure we have your info by filling out the below, and we’ll email you a reminder to download the toolkit that will be available here the week of February 28.

When: TODAY through May 31st!

Then what? Your feedback, ideas, and success stories will be made available online for others to learn from, and we'll stay in touch to keep you looped in on how we're all working together.

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