21st Century Government
to Cut Waste

President Obama and Vice President Biden launch the Campaign to Cut Waste, which will hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the Federal Government.

Read the executive order

The President's first Executive Order called for more transparent, participatory, and collaborative government. This action set the bar for Executive Orders and Memoranda to follow that further his commitment to a government that is open and efficient.

Calling on Congress

“Because you deserve to know when your elected officials are meeting with lobbyists, I ask Congress to do what the White House has already done -- put that information online,” President Obama said in his State of the Union Address. It’s one as one of the ways he’s working to rebuild people’s faith in the institution of government.

The White House now discloses detailed records of its visitors and makes those records available online. The President urges Congress to adopt a similar disclosure policy. This would allow Americans to know which lobbyists and other special interests their Representatives are meeting.