Recent Activities in Developing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

ONAP began engaging the community on the NHAS development in the summer of 2009.  Since that time, we have engaged in broad public outreach, including:

HIV/AIDS Community Discussions

We traveled the country listening to Americans recount their experiences with HIV and their strategic recommendations for achieving the President’s goals.   More than 4,200 people attended the 14 HIV/AIDS community discussions held in the following communities, where we listened to their recommendations for the strategy:

Atlanta, GA Washington, DC Minneapolis, MN
Albuquerque, NM Houston, TX San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA Columbia, SC Oakland, CA
U.S. Virgin Islands Jackson, MS Fort Lauderdale, FL
New York, NY Caguas, Puerto Rico  

Community Ideas for Improving the Response to the Domestic HIV Epidemic
Ideas de la Comunidad Para Mejorar la Repuesta a la Epidemia Nacional del VIH

Online Feedback

We recognized that no matter how many in-person discussions we held, we would not be able to reach everyone who had ideas to share.  Therefore, we solicited feedback through the website from October through December 2009.  We received more than 800 submissions.  

Expert Meetings

We held a series of expert meetings at the White House in December 2009 to look a little more in-depth at issues related to HIV and youth, HIV and women, and HIV and housing.

Community engagement:

We also sought other opportunities to engage with the community and a variety of stakeholders.  This included meeting with representatives of the American Indian/Alaska Native communities, people living with HIV in rural communities in the South and northeast, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, African immigrants, business and philanthropic leaders, and others.  ONAP staff also participated in additional community discussions and expert meetings organized by outside parties all working toward the development of a National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

National Dialogue on HIV/AIDS Report