Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

My Brother’s Keeper

“We've got to make sure that we're out there showing what works.  We've got to put our own time and energy and effort and money into the effort.  We have to be rigorous in measuring what works.  We can't hang onto programs just because they've been around a long time.  We can't be protective of programs that have not produced results for young people…and we have to make sure that we're casting a wide net so that we're not just cherry-picking some kids who probably have so much drive they'd make it anyway.  We've also got to go deep, including in the places like juvenile facilities and our prisons.”

-- President Barack Obama, December 14, 2016, remarks at MBK National Summit

The Office of Social Innovation has supported My Brother’s Keeper, a key Presidential priority, since its founding.  Built into DNA of My Brother’s Keeper is the goal of find and scaling what works for youth including boys and young men of color.  The Office Director chairs the MBK What Works, Data and Evidence Working Group, helping advance MBK’s results-focused mission, including our 6-part What Works TA series, Pay for Success programming, and the MBK What Works Showcase, among other efforts.