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State and Local Officials Speak Out on Bipartisan Compromise

State and local officials speak out about the bi-partisan debt compromise announced by President Obama.

On Sunday evening, President Obama announced a bipartisan deal to reduce the nation's deficit and avoid default.

Over the past 24 hours state and local officials from across the country have spoken out about the bipartisan compromise:

Los Angeles, California  Mayor and President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Antonio Villaraigosa:
”Mayors across the country urge Congress to avert an economic crisis by passing legislation today to lift the debt ceiling. This legislation will create a framework for balanced fiscal discipline, which will help instill renewed confidence in our nation’s economy.”

California State Assembly Speaker John Pérez
“Today’s agreement on raising the debt ceiling will prevent the paralysis of our nation’s economy and allow us to move forward on addressing our country’s priorities. Thankfully, the President has set the stage for a balanced long term solution that includes revenues. And though the specifics of the first round of savings will not be known for several weeks, we are relieved to see that there should be little if any immediate impact on the balanced and on-time state budget we passed earlier this summer. It is critical that we prevent further debilitating cuts to schools, seniors and job creation efforts."

San Francisco, California Mayor Ed Lee:
“I join mayors and state leaders from across the country in urging Congress to avert an economic crisis and reach agreement on a bipartisan debt deal, so that the gains we have made in our cities can keep moving in the right direction. Thanks to the leadership of President Obama and continued bipartisan agreement, a balanced framework will protect the long-term health of our nation’s economy and avoid hurtful triggers in 2013 that would have serious effects on our local economies.”

Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer:
“The bipartisan compromise that was reached in the last 24 hours ensures our economy avoids short-term disaster while setting the stage for a responsible, collaborative approach to reducing our nation’s deficit. Equally important, this compromise sends and important signal to the American people that their elected leaders in Washington are willing to work in partnership to solve the challenges that stand in the way of future prosperity for all Americans.”

Tallahassee, Florida Mayor John Marks:
“I am pleased that a bipartisan agreement raising the debt ceiling and reducing the deficit has been reached by the President and leaders of Congress.   Regarding the debt ceiling, we must avoid a downgrading of the United States’ credit rating, which would increase the cost of borrowing for my city’s residents and all Americans.  The rise in interest rates on their mortgages and other loans would be an additional burden on families already struggling in this economy.”

Louisville, Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer:
“While I am relieved that Washington appears to be close to ending the debt-limit drama, I urge all members of the House and Senate to pass the bill. Failure to reach a compromise will have far-reaching consequences for Louisville and other cities across the nation, at a critical time just as we are turning the corner on the recession and putting our citizens back to work.”

Maine House Democratic Leader Emily Ann Cain:
“Maine people expect their leaders in Augusta and Washington to put partisan politics aside for the good of our state. While no compromise is perfect, it was absolutely necessary to avert an international economic crisis that would be felt at kitchen tables here in Maine and across the country.” 

Maine State Representative Peggy Rotundo:
“The deal will help remove the cloud of uncertainty over our economy, while establishing a bipartisan process for future negotiations. We're glad President Obama was able to hold the line on protecting Social Security and Medicare. The middle class, seniors and those who are most vulnerable should not be forced to shoulder the burden of deficit reduction alone.”

North Dakota State Senator Tim Mathern:
“The deal will reduce the deficit and avoid default – a victory for the American people. This removes the cloud of uncertainty over our economy and ensures that no one will be able to use the threat of default now or in only a few months for political gain. It puts in place a framework for balanced long term fiscal discipline. It assures that we can meet all our obligations – including monthly Social Security checks, veterans’ benefits, and the government contracts we’ve signed with thousands of businesses.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mayor Michael Nutter:
“Passing legislation to lift the debt ceiling is essential to the economic health of our country.  If Congress does not reach an agreement, the people who suffer are American citizens who are already struggling with a tough economic climate.”

Texas State Representative Garnett Coleman:
“I applaud President Obama for working with the leaders from both parties to ensure that low and middle-income families don't bear the disproportionate brunt from the deficit reduction.  Because of this compromise, our country will continue to meet our obligations to the American people. The 616, 968 Texans who receive social security benefits will continue to receive their monthly checks, and our veterans will continue to receive the benefits they were promised. And, this deal ensures that costs don't get passed on to the state. The compromise protects the 544,434 Texas children who rely on the Children's Health Insurance Program, and the 3,296,007 Texans who are enrolled in Medicaid, by exempting these programs from any cuts.”

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire:
“It is clear – Washingtonians deserve certainty and they need it now. In less than six months, our residents have watched a near-government shutdown in April and have now been watching a potential default on our nation’s debt. Until we have more certainty, I fear our revenues will continue to suffer, while businesses remain anxious and reluctant to hire. We have no time to wait and risk our economic recovery.”

Seattle, Washington Mayor Mike McGinn:
“Congress needs to support this compromise plan to raise the debt ceiling. Seattle’s fragile economic recovery is jeopardized by the impasse. We need Congress to move on from this issue and focus on creating jobs and investing in our future.”