Champions of Change
Rebecca Templeton is the Executive Director of Bayou Grace Community Services, a locally-based nonprofit organization in lower Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. Bayou Grace mobilizes and engages local and national residents to combat Louisiana coastal land loss and promote the restoration of the coast, on behalf of communities that depend on a healthy environment. Prior to assuming the role of Executive Director, she worked as the organization’s Outreach Coordinator and spearheaded its “Building Community Resilience through Community Dinners” project. Rebecca was part of the Bayou Grace team that worked to build partnerships to spearhead the “Louisiana Estuary Experience,” a volunteer program that engages over 250 volunteers annually in restorative projects and education on coastal land loss and restoration. As the product of a bayou community in Southern Louisiana, Rebecca is personally invested in coastal land loss, erosion, restoration, and protection, because of their effects on people from her community.