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Champions of Change
Champions of Change

Champions of Change: Greener Schools

The strength of America’s clean energy future depends on the dedication of our future leaders. All across the country young people are taking initiative in their schools and communities to teach others about the importance of environmental stewardship, energy conservation and reducing waste. This week’s series showcases young leaders that have committed themselves to making their schools and communities more sustainable. From teens teaching school-children about environmental issues, to primary school kids starting school gardens, these Champions of Change are inspiring the adults around them by greening their schools and communities.

Alexa Boghosian

Alexa goes to the Marlborough School and is the founder of Green Teens. Green Teens won a $2,500 grant from ACE to develop their own curriculum for a 2 week, four-part after school program to be delivered to local public elementary schools.

Grace Cortese

Grace, a 10-year-old from California, is particularly interested in habitat preservation and halting species extinction. She saves her allowance and donates a portion to non-profits like NRDC. She is a part of “Teenie Greenies” at her school.

Matthew Evans

Matthew had the vision to create a nonprofit called Discover Green, which is based in Pflugerville, Texas, and raises awareness around energy and water conservation, as well as constructs sustainable landscape models throughout the community.

Sam Holtz

Sam is passionate about protecting the environment and has done quite a few things to help the Earth. He and his mom ran a recycle shoe drive called "Soles 4 Souls" to collect used shoes that could be reused or turned into playground rubber.

Sabari Subramanian

A 7th grade student at Lanier Middle School that resides in Fairfax, Virginia, Sabari has played a vital role in the Eco-Team at Lanier.

Chapel Hill High School

Chapel Hill students beat out the competition in and HP's Green Your School Challenge. They installed motion-sensitive light switches in teacher lounges and developed other energy-saving initiatives.

Millburn Sr. High School

The school was the 2011 Grand Prize Winners of and HP's Green Your School Challenge. Students launched projects such as creating water bottle recycling bins, maintaining hiking trails and planting non-invasive plants in the South Mountain Reservation..

University of Central Florida

University students led received one of 5 honor titles as a winner of the Green Your School Challenge, run by and HP.

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