Champions of Change
I am a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States with my family when I was only nine years old. When I arrived in America, I only knew that it was the country where dreams come true. With three words of English, I was determined to learn everything that was needed to adapt to my new home. Time went by, and throughout the years I been so blessed to have individuals in my life who have supported me accomplish my goals and dreams. Currently I am a third year student at Seattle University. During my second year of college I realized that being a business major was not what I wanted, so I have decided to change my degree to Public Affairs with a minor in Business Administration. At Seattle University I have been able to take various leadership roles. During my freshman year I applied to be a resident assistant, and got hired to be one during my sophomore year. I have always been proud to be Hispanic, and always share information about my culture, and language to others. As a first year RA I was assigned to be in charge of the Spanish Learning Community. Throughout the year I was able to host events for my residents such as a campus wide “Dia de los Muertos Celebration”. I also started a weekly event called the “Spanish Circle” in which students were invited to attend to be able to learn or practice Spanish. The group not only gave students the opportunity to learn a new language, but also informed them of the many Spanish speaking countries around the world, and their traditions. That same year I also joined MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) and ran for the community outreach coordinator position. I was elected by the members of the organization and helped MEChA build new relationships with the incoming students, as well as to create bridges between various businesses in the Seattle community. During May of 2011, MEChA was able to host an event called “Celebracion: Reclaiming our Roots” which invited guests to join a day filled with activities to inform them of the many Hispanic cultures. With the money that was raised during the 2011 events, and the money that is raised from future events, the MECHA executive members want to start a scholarship fund for incoming Seattle University students who are Hispanic. In addition, during the summer of 2011 I was selected to be a congressional intern through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. I was one out of thirty two Hispanic college students who got the opportunity to be part of this great experience. I am so glad to say I got placed in the office of Washington State Senator Patty Murray. Throughout the seven week internship I was able to learn so much important information on the legislative system. I been so fortunate and blessed to be an individual who has been part of many important projects and events throughout my life.