Champions of Change
Riddhiman Das came to the United States in 2008 to pursue an American college education and studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate student, he co-founded three startup tech companies—Dr. Peet's Software, LLC, TalentHelix LLC, and Galleon Labs LLC. He is also heavily involved with EyeVerify LLC, a Kansas City based technology startup that has commercialized the Eyeprint Verification System as a simple, safe replacement for entering passwords on smartphones. After his graduation from college, he had to either join a bigger company who could sponsor his visa, or remain enrolled in school in order to stay in the country and be able to focus on his businesses, so he decided to pursue a graduate degree and remain engaged in his businesses. His proudest moment was being able to hire two of his fellow graduates and one of his college professors full time to work at his consulting company about three months after he graduated from college.