Champions of Change
Tim Sears, P.E., is the co-founder of GRID Alternatives, the country's largest nonprofit solar installer. Along with his co-founder Erica Mackie, Mr. Sears has developed and scaled a powerful program for making solar energy accessible to low-income families that need the savings the most, while using a "barn raising" installation model that provides people from all walks of life with hands-on training and job experience in the growing solar industry. Under their leadership GRID Alternatives has installed 4,150 solar projects across the country, systems that will generate over $114 million worth of long-term energy savings that working families can use to help pay for basic expenses. These projects have also provided over 15,000 individuals with training and job experience in a real-world solar installation setting. Mr. Sears has an engineering degree from Stanford University, and previously worked for a private energy efficiency consulting firm working on projects ranging from large corporate and military facilities to Alaska native health centers.