Champions of Change
Drew Sloan serves as a sales executive with the energy efficiency and smart grid software company, Opower. In this role, Drew works with utilities to provide customers better insight into their energy usage. In turn, these personalized insights empower individuals and families to make smarter, more efficient energy choices that ultimately drive down overall energy demand. To date, Opower’s efforts have led to an estimated 4.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emission reductions and saved customers collectively over $333 million dollars on their energy bills. Prior to joining Opower, Drew served as an Army officer, completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He received the Purple Heart medal for wounds suffered during a Taliban ambush in 2004 as well as two Bronze Stars. Drew also has worked with the Rocky Mountain Institute and the National Renewable Energy Lab and is co-author of the book, Let There Be Light: Electrifying the Developing World with Markets and Distributed Energy. Drew is a founding member of Operation Free, a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts who advocate for securing America with clean energy.