Champions of Change
Phillip Green is the founder and president of Green Powered Technology (GPTech), a full service energy engineering firm that provides a single point for businesses, governments, and organizations to achieve economic, environmental, and social significance through sustainable energy. Currently GPTech supports Power Africa, a presidential initiative to improve access to energy in sub-Saharan Africa. GPTech also analyzes the implications of Northeast Asia’s investment in renewable energy on U.S. national security. Through GPTech, Phillip and his team work to lead the world in employing innovative energy solutions that realize the full potential of the Earth's resources in a sustainable way. Phillip is a U.S. Army Veteran and served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Prior to founding GPTech, he researched LEDs, solar cells, and other green products; protected the intellectual property of semiconductor products with patents; supervised military construction; and advised U.S. government clients on process improvement.