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Letters to President Obama


Diane & David Mann , Canby, Oregon

January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009 
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20500 

Re: Our Small Business 

Dear Mr. President; 

I'm a 73 year old owner of a manufacturing company since 1989. My husband, David and I married around the same time... .we started from nothing due to personal circumstances, plus we were older... however, all we wanted to do was to share our talents and make a living. We've loved our work for these years and put every dime back into the business, never thinking we would ever be faced with the present situation in our country and to us.
We have had no inquiries or orders for over 3 months now, which is unheard of. David is doing whatever he can for us to pay our bills and eat. He is still recovering from open heart surgery, but as he has always been resourceful and strong, the stress is almost more than we can take. No future right now and what will we do? No one will hire us, even if there were jobs available. 

We bought our 1870 farmhouse and 2 acres 12 years ago, so we could live and work here. For 10 years David and I have re-done every room in the house to bring it to code so we would have a decent home to live in the rest of our lives. Our mortgage is $979.71 and still owe 
$120,000.00?on our mortgage ... what will we do? 

I pray silently... I pray out loud when David is away ... I pray at night and I pray all day long. I know God is real busy right now, but that's all we have right now?
I won't even get into all of the bailing out that has been done lately, but I ask... .what about us older, hard working folks that will not survive for as long as it looks these hard times will go on. Isn't there something you can do for us? I guess if you don't ask, you don't get. 

We are two of the most patriotic people I know. We love our country so much... all we want to work and pay our way. We want the fun to return to our days. 

Our thanks, 
Diane & David Mann