Intergovernmental Review (SPOC List)

It is estimated that in 2009 the Federal Government will outlay $500 billion in grants to State and local governments. Executive Order 12372, "Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs," was issued with the desire to foster the intergovernmental partnership and strengthen federalism by relying on State and local processes for the coordination and review of proposed Federal financial assistance and direct Federal development. The Order allows each State to designate an entity to perform this function. Below is the official list of those entities. For those States that have a home page for their designated entity, a direct link has been provided below by clicking on the State name.

States that are not listed on this page have chosen not to participate in the intergovernmental review process, and therefore do not have a SPOC. If you are located within a State that does not have a SPOC, you may send application materials directly to a Federal awarding agency.

Contact information for Federal agencies that award grants can be found in Appendix IV of the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.

 *** SPOC List as of December 23, 2015 ***

Matthew Hanson, GPC
Statewide Grant Administrator
ADOA, Office of Grants and Federal Resources
100 N. 15th Avenue, 4th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Tracy L. Copeland
Manager, State Clearinghouse
Office of Intergovernmental Services
Department of Finance and Administration
1515 W. 7th St., Room 412
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Telephone:  (501) 682-1074
Fax:  (501) 682-5206
Grants Coordination
State Clearinghouse
Office of Planning and Research
P.O. Box 3044, Room 222
Sacramento, California 95812-3044
Telephone:  (916) 445-0613
Fax:  (916) 323-3018
Lindsay Lewis
SPOC / Federal Aid Master Contact
Budget Development, Planning and Administration
Office of Management and Budget
122 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. South
Dover, Delaware 19901
Telephone: (302) 672-5115
Pat Henry
Office of Partnerships and Grant Services 
441 4th Street, NW (Judiciary Square)
Suite 707 North
Washington, DC 20001
Telephone:  (202) 727-8900
Chris Stahl
Florida State Clearinghouse
Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Blvd.
Mail Station 47
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000
Telephone:  (850) 245-2169
Fax:  (850) 245-2190
Debra Scrowther
Iowa Department of Management
State Capitol Building Room G12
1007 E Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Telephone:  (515) 281-8834
Fax:  (515) 281-7076
Lee Nalley
The Governor’s Office for Local Development
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 340
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Telephone:  (502) 573-2382 Ext. 274
Fax:  (502) 573-1519
Terry Thomas
Louisiana SPOC for EPA Grant
Office of Management and Finance
LA Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 4303
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4303
Phone (225) 219-3840
Fax: (225) 219-3846
Jason Dubow, Manager
Resource Conservation & Management
Maryland Department of Planning
301 West Preston Street, Suite 1101
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2305
Telephone:  (410) 767-4490
Fax:  (410) 767-4480
Ed Hug
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
1001 Woodward, Suite 1400
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Telephone:  (313) 324-3335
Fax:  (313) 961-4869
Sara VanderFeltz
Federal Assistance Clearinghouse
Office of Administration
Commissioner’s Office
Capitol Building, Room 125
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
Telephone:  (573) 751-0337
Fax:  (573) 751-1212
Department of Administration
Office of Research, Planning, and Grants Management
209 E. Musser Street, Room 200
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4298
Telephone:  (775) 684-5676
Fax: (775) 684-0260
Joanne O. Morin
New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning
Attn: Intergovernmental Review Process
Michele Zydel
107 Pleasant Street, Johnson Hall
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
Telephone:  (603) 271-2155
Fax:  (603) 271-2615
Rikki Roehrich
Program Specialist
North Dakota Department of Commerce
1600 East Century Avenue, Suite 2
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502-2057
Telephone:  (701) 328-2687
Benny Bergantino
Division of Planning
Rhode Island Department of Administration, 3rd Floor
One Capitol Hill
Providence, Rhode Island 02908
Telephone:  (401) 222-1755
Fax:  (401) 222-2083
Bonny L. Anderson
Grants Services Coordinator
Executive Budget Office
1205 Pendleton Street
Edgar A. Brown Building, Suite 529
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Telephone:  (803) 734-0435
Fax:  (803) 734-0645
Ken Matthews
Utah State Clearinghouse
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget Utah State Capitol Complex
Suite E210, PO Box 142210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2210
Telephone:  (801) 538-1149
Fax:  (801) 538-1547
Mary Jo Thompson
Director, Community Development Division
West Virginia Development Office
Building 6, Room 553
Capitol Complex
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
Telephone:  304-558-2234
Fax:  304-558-3248
Mr. Jerome Ierome
Administrator, Office of Grants Oversight and Accountability
Coordinator, ASG High Risk Task Force
Office of the Governor
American Samoa Government (ASG)
A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building
American Samoa, 96799
Telephone:  (684) 633-4116
Fax:  (684) 633-2269
Kate G. Baltazar
Guam State Clearinghouse
Office of I Segundo na Maga’lahen Guåhan
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 2950
Hågatña, Guam 96932
Telephone:  (671) 475-9384
Fax:  (671) 472-2288
Antonio S. Muna
Special Assistant for Management
Office of Management and Budget
Office of the Governor
Saipan, MP 96950
Telephone:  (670) 664-2289
Fax:  (670) 323-2272
Ing. David Rodríguez / Luz H. Olmeda
Puerto Rico Planning Board
Federal Proposals Review Office
P.O. Box 41119
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00940-1119
Telephone:  787-723-6190
Fax:  787-722-6783
Debra Gottlieb (Acting Director)
Director, Office of Management 
  and Budget
#41 Norre Gade Emancipation Garden
  Station, Second Floor
Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
Telephone:  (340) 774-0750
Fax:  (340) 776-0069

Changes to this list can be made only after OMB is notified by a State's officially designated representative. E-mail messages can be sent to If you prefer, you may send correspondence to the following postal address:

Attn: Grants Management
Office of Management and Budget
New Executive Office Building, Suite 6025
725 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20503

Please note: Inquiries about obtaining a Federal grant should not be sent to the OMB e-mail or postal address shown above. The best source for this information is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or CFDA ( and the website (

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