President Obama's Bilateral Meeting with President Thein Sein of Myanmar

May 20, 2013 | 19:30 | Public Domain

President Obama and President Thein Sein of Myanmar speak to the press after a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office.

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President Obama Meets with President Thein Sein of Myanmar



Today President Obama welcomed President Thein Sein of Myanmar to the White House for a bilateral meeting, the first visit to the United States by a leader of that country in almost 50 years. 

“During this period in between there have been significant bilateral tensions between our countries,” President Obama said. “But what has allowed this shift in relations is the leadership that President Sein has shown in moving Myanmar down a path of both political and economic reform.”

But as President Sein is the first to admit, this is a long journey and there is still much work to be done.  And during our discussions, President Sein shared with me the fact -- the manner in which he intends to continue to move forward on releasing more political prisoners; making sure that the government of Myanmar institutionalizes some of the political reforms that have already taken place; how rule of law is codified so that it continues into the future; and the process whereby these ethnic conflicts that have existed are resolved not simply by a ceasefire but an actual incorporation of all these communities into the political process.

“We very much appreciate your efforts and leadership in leading Myanmar in a new direction,” President Obama told President Thein Sein. “We want you to know that the United States will make every effort to assist you on what I know is a long, and sometimes difficult, but ultimately correct path to follow.”

President Obama's historic visit to Rangoon last November marked the first-ever trip to Myanmar by a sitting U.S. president.  Learn more about his trip here.

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