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Statement by the National Security Advisor General James Jones on the U.S. Response to Flooding in Pakistan

President Obama has directed his Administration to stand with the Pakistani people and to assist them as they confront the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history.   Knowing that continuing heavy monsoon rains over the next few days will only add to the challenges of this humanitarian crisis, the United States Government has been rushing a wide range of assistance to the Pakistani people in close coordination with the Government of Pakistan.

The United States Government has provided an additional $35 million in financial aid to the $7.5 million that was already designated to assist people in the affected area, as well as food, shelter, medical supplies and other life sustaining items.  This funding is being provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development to established international and Pakistani relief organizations with substantial experience on the ground in the affected areas.

In addition, 436,000 halal meals, 12 pre-fabricated bridges, 14 rescue boats, 6 large scale water filtration units and a 25kw generator have been delivered to support flood relief efforts.  U.S. helicopters are supporting rescue efforts and have saved more than 1000 to date.  They and U.S. military aircraft, including six U.S. Army helicopters, will continue to work closely with our Pakistani allies to help evacuate stranded citizens and transport urgently needed supplies to hard hit areas.  

To further coordinate U.S. relief efforts and to assist in the assessment of the immediate response and longer term recovery needs, we have deployed additional U.S. personnel to work alongside Pakistani national and provincial disaster management officials.

The size of this disaster requires a concerted international effort to support the Pakistani response plan and the following recovery effort.  The United States stands with the Pakistani authorities as they face the difficult challenges this natural disaster poses and will continue to work with the international community to increase assistance. 

In line with the deepening partnership between our two nations, the United States government will continue to assist the Government of Pakistan in their response to this crisis, and to stand with the Pakistani people in this time of crisis.

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