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Statement by the Vice President on New Recovery Act Recipient Reports

Tonight, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board posted on quarterly reports required from some recipients of Recovery Act funding.  The recipient reports provide more detailed information about a portion of Recovery Act activity during the third quarter of 2010.  The Vice President issued the following statement:

“I’m encouraged by these new reports which show that the Recovery Act is continuing to play a critical role in creating jobs and supporting economic growth in communities across the country.  Recipients report directly funding over 670,000 jobs last quarter with about 20 percent of Recovery Act funds – in-line with independent estimates that the Recovery Act is supporting about 3 million jobs overall.”
“The upswing in infrastructure jobs reported reflects the significant activity underway nationwide over the last few months on infrastructure projects ranging from highway construction to clean water. And, even as the new state education aid we secured this summer begins to kick in, the Recovery Act continues to support hundreds of thousands of education jobs across the country.”
“A record number of recipients filed reports this quarter, providing the American people with the most detailed look yet at some of the ways the Recovery Act is creating jobs in their community.  Because these reports provide real-time data directly from the recipients themselves, they are not perfect or complete - but, in keeping with our commitment to transparency and accountability, they offer the public an unprecedented view of the Recovery Act as it’s put to work.”

To learn more about these reports, click HERE.

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