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Teamsters Back American Jobs Act


Hoffa Says All Americans Need To Come Together To Solve The Jobs Crisis

(WASHINGTON) - Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today applauded President Obama for presenting a jobs program with specific goals and a realistic means of achieving them.

“Congress must pass President Obama’s plan now,” Hoffa said. “The jobs crisis is an American problem. It isn’t President Obama’s problem and it isn’t a Republican or Democratic problem. All Americans need to come together to create good jobs for the good of our economy and the good of our country.

“This plan will immediately increase economic activity and generate more tax revenue,” he said. “That’s how you fix the deficit. Good jobs are good for the economy.”  

Hoffa said the Teamsters will study the specific details of the plan as they are released in the coming days.

“I’m especially pleased that President Obama wants to invest in infrastructure improvements and in jobs for our military veterans,” Hoffa said. “I’m also pleased he recognizes the need to put money in the pockets of working people.”

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